Private Classes in Ballet and Modern

My private classes are for beginner through professional dancers. I am greatly influenced by both the organic nature of modern dance and the clarity of ballet. Forty years of working in both worlds, I enjoy building ballet technique into an accessible and essential foundation for many styles of dance. This is based on my exposure to a wide range of different styles of dance.

My classes emphasize alignment, quality of movement, use of weight and musicality. The often forgotten back, pelvis and breath are also used to access the core power of movement. Arms are mastered to help support and amplify movement. My classes nurture the dancer by growing a deeper understanding of proper technique and how to work with ones own body.

Learning ballet and modern dance, adults and children absorb an abundance of wonderful qualities that serve one’s life forever. Focus, determination, grace and personal power as well as a strong, flexible body are a few of the attributes the art of dance teaches. Through the consistent practice of dance vocabulary, steps and movement, the brain awakens the body and the body awakens the brain!


Creating a new work to suit the unique attributes of a dancer is a joyous challenge. I enjoy different levels of collaboration in the creative process and am at ease in either assisting, directing or partnering in choreography projects.


Looking your best for an audition or performance requires an experienced eye to access and fine tune movement, dynamics, style and focus. A pragmatic and aesthetic approach can be paramount in making choices that facilitate success.